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Griffin, GA


Medicare And Medicaid Law in Griffin, GA

If you cannot afford to pay for your medical expenses, you may be eligible for Medicaid.  This assistance program is run by the state and federal government and it offers help to those who are considered below poverty, such as children in low income families, pregnant women, or senior citizens.  

Are You Eligible for Benefits?

Medicaid benefits are paid directly to healthcare providers, hospitals, and nursing homes.  If you’re considered low income, Medicaid may pay for your medical bills, nursing home expenses, and rehabilitation costs.  However, in order to receive such assistance from the government, you must meet income requirements and match descriptions from the program’s Eligibility Groups.

Don Hawbaker knows how important appropriate medical attention is, and also understands that getting treatment can be quite costly.  Law Office of Donald F. Hawbaker's aim is to help you get approved for Medicaid so that you can afford the medical treatment and care you need to maintain your health. Once involved, Don Hawbaker can help you with:

  • Pre-Medicaid planning
  • Medicaid denials and appeals
  • Nursing home planning

Act Now

The sooner you get help from a Medicaid attorney, the faster you may be eligible for the government assistance you need to stay healthy.  Contact Law Office of Donald F. Hawbaker now to discuss your Medicaid eligibility and options.